Christopher Franke
Christopher Franke outside Cleveland’s Brandt Gallery on 12 July 2008
[photo by Jesus Crisis]

Life’s Fore Ever

When gone the life we were still is . . . .
It murmurs in the wind . . . & stands
in the stiller moments of the
day & the night.  It is an ayre

like a meadow sings in the eye,
or music of an unseen source.

It tousles the locks of forests;
it strokes the nap of grass & bloom.

It’s reiki to a lover’s yen.
But carries the blather of Re-
publicans to billow hell’s glow.
& whatever heaven joy is  laughs!

Upon water, it may mirror . . .
or in its stir . . . be a sea’s wave.

* * * * *

Poem by Christopher Franke — reproduced here with the author’s permission

For a video of Chris Franke’s featured reading during the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour in August 2008, visit

Cleveland’s Christopher Franke is founder of Deciduous Press and author of collections including (but not limited to) Paren’s Thesis, frankeana/miscellangy, Routines, and =5

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