Christopher Franke
Christopher Franke outside Cleveland’s Brandt Gallery on 12 July 2008
[photo by Jesus Crisis]

Boo “K”

I’m not in favor
of draping oneself
with the flag, nor wearing
religion like a
pair of angel’s wings. . .

when politicians
crow what the corps would
have them harp, while greed winks
in denial; but
see what is denied.

The machinations
of some status quo
is change‘s clog.  The untried
is yet on trial
though tried & proven.

The tried is called what
it’s not; the proven
is denied.  The wonted
habit of some mind,
would-be saboteur.

Is not the right’s right
a double posit-
tiff?  & if two nega-
tiffs make a posit-
tiff, doesn’t right’s right

make for wrong?  & as
for folks with ‘bare’ arms,
let the militia have!
But this flower is
my only bullet.

* * * * *

Poem by Christopher Franke — reproduced here with the author’s permission

For a video of Chris Franke’s featured reading during the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour in August 2008, visit

Cleveland’s Christopher Franke is founder of Deciduous Press and author of collections including (but not limited to) Paren’s Thesis, frankeana/miscellangy, Routines, and =5

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