Irene Brodsky
The Tallest Twins
by Irene Brodsky

I remember the tallest twins
110 stories high
So strong & proud
With thousands of eys that could see
All five boroughs of New York City.

They were my best friends
We met each day for brunch.
But one day I could not come.
It was my birthday…September 11
and I had other plans!

They said they would call later
Of course, they never did.
But have no fear, my dear friends
Please don’t cry!
We’ll be together soon. I promise.

We’ll have that birthday cake
and sing a merry song or two
in our new World Trade Center up in heaven.
Together, forever
Just me
and the two of you!

* * *

by Irene Brodsky – Teacher of Poetry
Brooklyn College City University of N.Y.
Former nightclub singer
Poetry lover
Music collector

The author says: “‘The Tallest Twins’ is my very first poem that I wrote because the World Trade Center tragedy took place on my birthday – September 11.  So, I had to write about that experience of having such a tragedy and my birthday on the same day. I have been writing ever since!!!!!”

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