Ben Gulyas reads Words for Bill De Lappa on 10 May 2009 at the Coventry Village Library 
in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, during Tres Versing the Panda: Three Days of Poetry Soiree.

 Event sponsored by Green Panda Press and The Temple, Inc.

Video appears courtesy of PoetryVidz – camera & editing by Ken Kitt

* * *
Ben Gulyas writes:

“Those pieces of words were for Bill De Lappa– he was a pain in the ass and yet a beautiful man– he died some Easters ago waiting for a poem, or waiting for a photo, or just waiting– he was a collector of everything he could find– he was a wanderer with painful legs– he took his first drunk at 16 in a bar on Pearl Road, I couldn’t remember the name he told me, but I imagine that Bloodshot was just fine–

–for Bill De Lappa, may the curb & the yard birds of dim twilight find your treasures and fly them home…”

* * *

For more by and about poet Ben Gulyas, see Cleveland Poetry Scenes [Bottom Dog Press, 2008]