200807-31-1.jpg Steven B. Smith picture by insightoutside
Steven B. Smith outside Cleveland’s Brandt Gallery, July 2008
photo by Jesus Crisis

Like Candy on Ice Cream

Like Candide’s best of all possible worlds
I lick my like from lit of wit
and why the worry ways of ruling rats

Like Wallace Steven’s Emperor of Ice Cream
I take in tacky death
of horny heels and hopeful hellos
Like Candy on ice cream
her nipples pearled pert
we hump in happy horizontal
Like the constant lice of American dream
scum encrusted, yellowed
I yearn for debugging powder, ponder
Like good on bad and bad on worse
I burn for light and love
in lieu of this miss called is

                    [© by Steven B. Smith]

* * * * * * * *

Smith’s poems used with his permission.

For more, visit Smith’s renowned art and poetry website at www.agentofchaos.com
Follow his and his wife Lady’s excellent adventures at www.walkingthinice.com 
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Smith and Lady will be featured poets at Lix and Kix in Cleveland on 19 May 2009
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