d.a. levy

(10/29/1942 – 11/24/1968)

SpOnTaNeOus contact in the mind CANCELLED

it begins when fingertips    TOUCH

eyes in the hand
see energy as
the eye feels visions

i send a message
to yr hidden places
& no one is home

i try to enter
& wait within
yr sanctuary
but yr doors
are locked

perhaps never opened

i reach out for you
& you are gone
is this the game?
the chasing you thru
the labyrinths of yr mind
as you sit elsewhere

i can follow you for centuries

where are you going?

is this the game?

i capture your body
& you leave
in a few years you
turn to dust

i send messages to
yr hidden places
& the doors are locked

perhaps, never opened
and the steps are COLD

where have you gone?
as if we cud not
find an illusion to share

where is it that you
are going that you insist
upon going alone?

it ends when fingertips
reach thru you and find
only matter . pieces of meat
                    as if you are already
                    a corpse
where have you gone?

* * * * *

taken from ukanhavyrfuckinciti bak
originally collected and edited by rjs and
published by t.l. kryss, GHOST PRESS CLEVELAND, 1967

since d.a. levy rejected copyright as “copyrot,” you may freely reproduce and pass on his work

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