200807-31-1.jpg Steven B. Smith picture by insightoutside
Steven B. Smith outside Cleveland’s Brandt Gallery, July 2008
photo by Jesus Crisis

Dada Greybeard

A lady poet followed me home
And asked if I could keep her
I replied
It must be denied
For I had no room in my freezer
She engineered her stay
Of relocation with play
Charm and elocution
Praised this and that
Allowed a wee pat
Counted on evolution
I may be cheap
And easy too
But for female I’m hard-wired
And too
It’s sort of cool
This once being the one that’s desired
Though I question her taste
Her need of rat waste
A too hasty fade
Will shatter shades
I cannot replace
Best to see
What she reweaves
What treasure in her trundle
Though it fracture my plan
I am but man
And man is meant to bundle

                    [© by Steven B. Smith]

* * * * * * * *

Smith’s poems used with his permission.

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