MacsBacksReading007-3-1.jpg picture by insightoutside
Steven B. Smith at Mac’s Backs in Cleveland, July 2008
photo by Jesus Crisis

Owed to Coffee
(for Tomas & Elvira, our Zapotec coffee couple)

Standing on Coffee
Mountain, the vanilla vine
dances, beckons me.

Coffee cherries red
against blue sky await
caffeine morning rush.

This liquid dark way
hot strong coiled energy
sleeping in my cup.

The kiss of coffee
on my stiff lips still asleep
bursts joy and new sun.

Two eyes sleepy, thin
Two hands seeking warmth, sun, source
Coffee to rescue

Dawn dark but coffee
black swirl in bottomless cup
brings me inner light

                    [© by Steven B. Smith]

* * * * * * * *

Smith’s poems used with his permission.

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