Bree at Sudanese Lost Boys benefit

Bree at a poetry benefit for the Sudanese Lost Boys of Cleveland
23 November 2008 – photo by Jesus Crisis

               for George Salomonoff             

if we are all in this together
then our friend done you some
service, reaching in a breast pocket
for a memo book to scratch Live
lines liked at poetry readings, story times.

if we’re in this together, then we too fought with
our friend on lines where war is like pudding,
softening wax papers as it cools either side,
also like lava, thick and red hot as friendship.         

if we are not all in this together
then you musn’t worry that a good
man is down
or that we lost one, to the minions,
you may’s well tell them. tell anyone.
(if we are not in this together).

and at once, the sky breaks forth! having been
wrested in chill damp now tricklings of light on.
new clouds showing themselves, no shoes brave.

you’ve gotta hope. just be down where you’re in
the numbers. more voices at once, always.
more, and they shout! and they sing!
a storm passes. a friend you live to imitate leaves.
a new note. on a scratch pad for eternity’s sake.
not now. another moment passes.
there are teams, pick a side!
your bleachers are to the west.
your sneakers are not worth alot.

tromp over, through mud and in weakness
as if you were the triumphant,
as if the game had been played and done.
if we all are in this together, everybody waves
a salutory YES! for all man. RIGHT NOW.

* * *

“IF WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” included in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library with Bree’s permission

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