Poet Cheryl Lynn Moyer
Cheryl Lynn Moyer in Maui

Manifestation of a Buddha

A child missing for a year in remote Nepal,
re-emerges now ‘The Enlightened one,’
the reincarnated Buddha, cross-legged
beneath a tree. No sign of ten months
of hunger or thirst for anything but silent prayer.
Bamjon, last seen by tens of thousands
in 2005 now has shoulder length hair
with his body wrapped in a simple white cloth.
People are walking to see him, to be touched
by a God, some believe. These terrible times
have called him forth, molding him into
Buddha himself, who said, “All that we are
is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think
we become.”
And so he has.

* * *

“Manifestation of a Buddha” (c) 2009 Cheryl Lynn Moyer, all rights reserved

Cheryl Lynn Moyer is a retired FEMA inspector, environmentalist, activist, Unitarian Universalist, special education teacher and poet who lives and writes in Montgomery, Alabama. “I have attended workshops with Franz Wright in Provincetown, MA in Oct.2005 and with Robert Pinsky in Camden, NJ at Rutgers in 2005.  I am published in Write On, Poetic Hours, Penwood Review, Down in the Dirt, Distinguished Writings, Bell’s Letters, Alabama Anthology 2006, the Birmingham Arts Journal and the Alabama Poet’s Society 2006.  I am an Al Gore trained Climate Change presenter. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Penn State University and am currently enrolled in the Master’s of Education Program for a Special Education at Alabama State University. In my spare time I write grants for non-profits here in Alabama, play scrabble and a mean game of pool.”

Please check out her blog at www.poetryagainstpoverty.vox.com.

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