“Las Palomas” (c) Steve Goldberg, all rights reserved

Read by Steve Goldberg at the Tremont Arts & Culture Festival on 20 September 2008

Camera & editing by John Burroughs, a.k.a. Jesus Crisis

Steve Goldberg is a techno-geek, Dilbert cubical escapee, blogger, a bodhisattva wannabe, and tongue-tied tattler of timid tomes. Launching into a new experiment in neo-beat bohemianism, Steve has been published in 30/25th’s Not Just Any Versiaries, an email in the talent-rich ArtCrimes 21, Rabbits Over Clevyland, Jim Lang’s Bag-o-Zines, the e-zine, and Animals Without Backbones (Green Panda Press). He has been a featured reader at many Cleveland area venues, and has participated in the Language Foundry’s 24 hour poetry marathon and Gallery Ü-Haul’s Mix: 24 hr Art program. In a poorly veiled attempt at self-promotion, he has also been interviewed on local poetry radio show, Wordplay, by renowned poet George Bilgere. Steve also organizes a monthly poetry free-for-all at the Literary Café (every 2nd Thursday) in the historic Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont.

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