Christopher Franke
Christopher Franke at Cleveland’s Literary Cafe in 2008
[photo by Jesus Crisis]


sits in its forte.
numb’s call…
wears a blind.
Faith sweeps
its stick (its shtick,
or stich); & corn-
ered truth
throws up
its hands,
seen  as its called,
being  as it is.

* * * * *

Poem originally apeared in Paren’s Thesis by Chris Franke
(c) 1997 by Burning Press, Cleveland
#9 in the Cleveland Leaves Series

Reproduced here with the poet’s permission

For a video of Chris Franke’s featured reading during the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour in August 2008, visit

Christopher Franke is a Cleveland poet, founder of Deciduous Press and author of collections including (but not limited to) Paren’s Thesis, frankeana/miscellangy, Routines, and =5

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