Steve Thomas at Cleveland’s Literary Cafe, 10 July 2008
[photo by Jesus Crisis]


Breathing petrol filled air
fume soaked clothes turn
wrenches tightening dawn
until dusk is locked down tight.

Limping into night, back crooked
bones calloused by what has
blown away, blown through
cracked windows leaving dust
stricken machines as muscles twitch
to the rhythmic wave of build…build
searching for another shore.

Each grease cracked knuckle suffers, sleeplessly
grasping turning, gasping yearning,
still hearing whistles spewing heart beats
into an ash filled sky.


(c) 2008 Steve Thomas, used by permission

Steve’s work has appeared in a variety of places, including the Split Whiskey
Bag-O-Zines, The Mill, and The City Poetry 19.

See Steve Thomas on Thursday 13 November 2008 (9:30 p.m.) at Cleveland’s
famous Literary Cafe, where he and Rachelle Gallant are the featured poets.