d.a. levy, Cleveland poet
d.a. levy
(10/29/1942 – 11/24/1968)

Lady A

lady a
something of you
catches in my throat
on a sunday afternoon
it is raining silence
i could scream
something of you
miles away dances
into my mind
and i wonder
what you are thinking
in the back of your head
miles away
that makes me wonder
Lady A
Lady A
the silence is soft
as kissing your cheek
in the dark of our mind
something of you
needs the miles away
to remember
something of us
reaches out in the

* * * * *

taken from ukanhavyrfuckinciti bak
originally collected and edited by rjs and
published by t.l. kryss, GHOST PRESS CLEVELAND, 1967

since d.a. levy rejected copyright as “copyrot,” you may freely reproduce and pass on his work

* * * * *

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