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Philip Metres – poet, translator, educator
[photo taken by Jesus Crisis at Cleveland’s Literary Cafe on 9/11/2008]

The Idle Childless

The largely-unpuked-upon
dine in Thai Gardens every Friday night,
decide between Mango Lassi or Mai Tai,
discuss the tonal color of their favorite
Tuvan throat singers, Huun Huur Tu,
and lose a whole hour plotting
their annual worldspinning travel—

whose thoughts saunter like couples
on the observation deck of a cruise,
stand chatting before the banquet table,
freshened drinks in hand,
who can retire to bed whenever they choose,
with whomever they choose,
and wake whenever they can no longer

sleep—who, upon waking, occasionally
wonder what it was they’d forgotten,
the thread of it left behind in a dream,
and though they tug at it, it unhooks itself,
slips off, like a pair of glasses
over the ship’s railing, and sinks
to the bottom of whatever ocean they float over.

* * * * *

This piece appears in Metres’ prize-winning collection To See the Earth
(Cleveland State University Press, 2008)
and is included in the Crisis Chronicles Library by permission

All rights remain with Philip Metres

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