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When you write me into the margins (even though some of my favorite books have the best insights written in scribbled frantic pencil marks scattered around the pages in my own handwriting, or reasonable facsimile thereof), I feel like I can never fill the full page, even though I am worthy of so much more than a mere paragraph, which I don’t even get the honor to write. I can only scribble frantically, trying to keep up with the pages as they turn, learning new words and hopping on my eraser to censor my editorials, correcting grammar that has already been set in ink. Someday my lead will break, and the margins will be clean once more, your hovering insight gone from sight. And then what will you do? Read the same boring words over and over again, hoping for more, but that is all she wrote.

© 2007 Anna C. Morrison
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Anna C. Morrison is a children’s author and popular blogger from southern California

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