Dianne Borsenik at the Huron Boat Basin - 20 July 2008
Dianne Borsenik 20 July 2008 at the Huron Boat Basin
[photo by Jesus Crisis]


                                                 She has been with you again,
I can tell.
                                                 You have that furtive look
                                                 about you, and you have the smell
of ink on your breath.

                                                 I know that she has taken you
                                                 by your thin white wrist,
                                                 and caressed the fine hair
                                                 that furs your arm.  I imagine
                                                 her guiding your hand
                                                 to her lap, you touching her,
                                                            her touching you.

                                                 I close my eyes, and I can see
                                                 her moving closer to you, whispering
                                                 in your ear, her exhalations
                                                hot on your stubbled cheek.

                                                 I know
                                                 you took her
                                                 in your arms, opened your lips
                                                 for her kiss; I know you let her
                                                 explore your teeth, the roof of your
                                                 mouth, your tongue.

                                                 And I am quite certain
                                                 that when you wake up
                                                 in the morning, the indentation
                                                 of her wanton form
                                                 will be reflected in the crumpled sheets
                                                 of your poetry

* * *

poem (c) 2008 by Dianne Borsenik
used with the poet’s permission

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